Monday, May 9, 2011

More Chaos and Happy Almost-A-Mother's Day

Well it's been a while since I've written. Of course the month hiatus couldn't be without it's share of drama, which is probly why it's taken me so long to write.

You know of the miscarriage on April 3rd but when we met with the interim doctor (while mine is on maternity leave) the morning of the day we went to Las Vegas, she determined I (also) had a tubal pregnancy. I say also because while the doctors believe it was just the ectopic, I strongly believe we lost one on the 3rd. I'll spare you the details on why I think that, but I'm pretty sure. By this time I had already been getting blood drawn twice a week until the hCG level hit 0. Since it actually was going up, she knew there was something else going on and an ultrasound confirmed.

So with the ectopic pregnancy, she needed to give me a shot of Methotrexate which is the same drug they use for chemo treatments, it's just a lower dose for this purpose. If I got the shot that day she wouldn't let me go to Vegas due to the possible side effects. I said forget that, I was going to Vegas and would get the shot when we came back.

Vegas was good. DH went for a convention for work and I went to get away from it all. I was able to get some R&R in and we visited our friends in the evening who showed us around the town a bit. On the day before we were leaving I got horrible pain in my left side- my tube. I panicked and thought the tube burst and I was bleeding internally. It eventually reduced and we got home the next day.

The day we landed it was sleeting and snowing. We weren't in town for an hour and got into an accident. Luckily it wasn't serious, just a fender bender and we just got DH's car fixed so that's back to normal. After the accident we went to the hospital to get the shot. The guy giving the shot was a little awkward. Especially when he asked if we had any kids.

A couple days later I was feeling some pain, nausea and severe dizziness while getting ready for work. I probably shouldn't have driven to work that day. But I called the interim doctor and she said to get to ER. So, ER visit number 2 went ok. It wasn't quite as frantic as the first. So there's another 1,900 out of pocket thanks to my *awesome* health insurance. The doctor said it was just a reaction to the shot.

I was told to keep going back once a week to get blood work until the hCG went back to 0. A week or so ago I got the OK to not have to come back for tests, which in turn is a green light to start trying again.

DH and I went west to visit his mom for Mother's Day, since in years past I've always had to work on Sundays so we've never gotten to spend Mother's Day with her. So we helped her with yard work. It was good to get my mind off of things.

I did get some time to read a book that on of my teachers from junior high mailed to me. She's been a mentor and a great source of inspiration to me all of these years. The book she gave us was Empty Arms by Sherokee Ilse. It has some great advice on what to do in the first few hours and the days that follow. I recommend it for you almost-a-mommies and almost-a-daddies and grandparents, everyone involved.

I don't have a funny list today but I will leave you with links to a couple of songs that I absolutely love and find insipring:

Tara's Theme from Gone With the Wind

Feather Theme from Forrest Gump

On Golden Pond from On Golden Pond

Lane's Theme from 8 Seconds

Threads of Love by Lori Line