Thursday, October 7, 2010

Come on shore...

Wow, again it's been a while since I've posted. Sometimes it's hard to find time to sit down and write out thoughts in more than just a quick note on Facebook. You know how it goes. It seems that in the middle of the night, when DH is snoring away, is the best time for me to sit and write.

There have been some changes in our life since I wrote last. I got a new position at work that is less stress (so far) and the people I work with are nice. However, starting Monday, I will be going back to my last position and going part time so I can spend more time working on the photography business. They don't have part time in my new department so I have to go back to my old world, but the people there are still my good friends. I'm initiating the transition into becoming a full time photographer.

On the baby front, no real news there. I did go to my doctor and ask if she could put me on some birth control pills to help regulate my hormones. So we're just finishing the 2nd month of that and then we're supposed "just go for it" in the words of my doctor. The trouble with the birth control pills is the side effects. When they say "may cause...." then it pretty much DID cause for me. My poor face looks like a teenage boy going through puberty. Then there's the other issues in the "gazunga" department- not sure if the "may increase breast size" one really happened or if that was just from the weight gain that the pills helped with. Dang, I'm glad I took the last one today so my body can get back to normal, after having conceived a child, of course...

So we keep hoping and praying. I had been doing pretty well and then lately in church I've been getting misty-eyed again. I think God's got big plans, I just wish I knew what they were.

Well, for today's humor I'm going to leave you a list of book titles you wouldn't want your grandma to read (these are real, honest-to-goodness published books. Seriously, look them up!):

The Joy of Uncircumcising!
You Are Worthless: Depressing Nuggets of Wisdom Sure to Ruin Your Day
Pooh Gets Stuck
Fart Proudly: Writings of Benjamin Franklin You Never Read in School
Foreskin's Lament
Anybody Can Be Cool... But Awesome Takes Practice
Games You Can Play with Your Pussy
For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf
Castration: The Advantages and the Disadvantages

And last but certainly not least:
Come On Shore and We Will Kill and Eat You All: A New Zealand Story